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Heirloom Portraits

Heirloom Portraits are our top-of-the-line canvas for those who want nothing but the crème de la crème.
Our artists begin with your portrait and brush stroke every inch to create an even more stunning portrait. Wall decor like this gives you the realism of a photograph but the beauty, style and feel of a free-hand painting. The artists match the painting style to the look and feel of the photograph. Once finished, it is printed directly to canvas through our Fine Art Giclée series. For added realism, we add contour brush strokes and oil enhancements. The result is a product that competes with oil paintings!

*These portraits are examples from our lab of before and after but not created by Memories in Portrait

Heritage Classic Canvas

Our Heritage Classic Canvas is truly that: a classic! It is created with the original canvas mount system developed in the 1960’s. Our partner, Whitmire Associates, actually helped pioneer the canvas process. A highly specialized craft requiring extensive knowledge and experience, this process is widely considered to be the most artistic method in use for creating a canvas portrait.
Whitmire Associates has vast experience in the art and craft of the canvas process. By purchasing an Heirloom Classic Canvas, you receive a beautiful, hand-crafted portrait suitable to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Diamond Album

Our “Diamond Album” is a great way to gather many portraits into one beautiful treasury of memories. The Diamond Album is the finest available. Master craftsmen hand make each album over a period of 3 to 5 days. To create enough portraits for an album, we add a second portrait artist to create “behind the scenes” and candid portraits while you are creating your formal family portraits with me.

Legacy Album

Our “Through the Years” hand-finished leather album is very unique. Over the course of 5 years, we tell a memorable story about your family. We meet for at least one session per year and include at least 10 portraits per session. This truly is an amazing way to cherish and preserve your family’s legacy.

Memories Treasury

Our “Memories Treasury” is another great method to gather many portraits into one beautiful treasury of memories. Our Memories Treasury is truly an artistic twist to presentation. These are handmade, clamshell-style presentation boxes covered in silk, linen or cloth, containing your matted or hard backed portraits.




"After I received all of the portraits, I was very happy with the results; they were very high quality...-Kyle Burke" Testimonials 

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