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Contributing to Your Home's Beauty

Hello, my name is Jeff Kazules. As your photographer, I partner with you to create and capture your memories so you can display each of them in beautiful portraits on your walls and in timeless albums on your coffee table. You and I do this together by first getting to know each other in your planning meeting at your home. Then, in your portrait session, you’re already comfortable with me, which translates into portraits of you that appear relaxed and natural.

Beautiful fine art portraiture displayed in our homes preserves and strengthens the connection to our most precious memories. By providing masterfully created portraits for you, I will help your family enhance your home’s beauty with memories captured in our fine art portraiture and albums to be cherished for generations.

I learned just how valuable these portraits are when visiting my grandmother several years ago. She has a wonderfully designed arrangement of her most precious memories displayed in her living room. Seeing portraits of my grandfather immediately reminded me of the fantastic times we had together before he passed away. She was able to introduce me to family members I had never met. One thing led to another and soon we were looking through the myriad photo albums she created over the years. They facilitated hours of dialog by reminding her of long since forgotten stories which then created many new and precious memories.


What to Expect

When you partner with me, you can expect a wonderful experience where I’ll guide you every step of the way. It all starts when you contact me. I’ll answer any initial questions that might still remain after reading this website and we’ll schedule our planning meeting.

In the planning meeting, we will get to know each other. You’ll show me the areas in your home where you’d like to put your wall decor. We’ll discuss the type of portrait session you want, the wardrobe you will wear, the location (or locations) for the session and the type of portraits you would like me to create for you, as well as their pricing.

Throughout the portrait session, we’ll work together so you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll have a new and wonderful experience with your family to remember for a lifetime. By the time we are finished, you will be full of anticipation and eager to see the images at your ordering appointment.

During your ordering appointment, when I return to your home with the images, I will display them with a projector for you to see real-life sizes. We can even project them onto your walls so you can decide the perfect size! Typically, this time together can take a couple of hours, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. Once your choices are made and the order is placed, we still have one more engagement: the delivery.

The delivery is where it all comes together! After I receive your artwork and give it my quality approval, I’ll call you to schedule the delivery where I will personally bring them to you. I may even be able to help you install your wall art so you can start enjoying it immediately. *

Couple sitting together laughing

The Bottom Line

Human beings are stunningly beautiful! Don’t you just love portraits of people revealing and enhancing this beauty? I am passionate about creating portraits which contain and convey powerful emotion. Creating a strong image of an embracing couple staring longingly into each other’s eyes, or happily walking hand in hand, fills me with joy. Families together enjoying each other’s company is a memory worth preserving. Let’s put portraits like this on your walls and in albums on your coffee table.


"I really appreciated Jeff’s spontaneous creativity with the location, and his natural incorporation of props, both those we had brought with us and those found on-site".
— Lisa Mammina ---->  Testimonials 

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